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Blood Borne Pathogens

The 3-hour awareness program will include: Introduction, Risk of Exposure, Means to Limit Exposure, Definitions, General Hazards, Exposure Control Plan, Work Practices, Hepatitis B Vaccinations. Post Exposure Evaluation Process, Protection from Exposure, Summary and a quiz.

Confined Space Entry

The 6-hour awareness program will include the following: Introduction, Definition of Confined Spaces, Permit Required Confined Spaces, Typical Hazards of Confined Spaces, Controlling Hazards of Confined Spaces, Confined Space Permit Program, Ventilation Requirements, Atmosphere Monitoring, Acceptable Entry Conditions, Duties, Entry & Rescue Equipment, Entry Procedures, Rescue Procedures, Equipment & Usage, followed by a quiz.

Fall Protection

This 6-hour awareness program will provide training for your employees as required by 29 CFR part 1926 and the subpart M. Program will cover the different safety systems. This will include where each is used and why each is needed as well as: Guardrail Systems, Safety Net Systems, Personal Fall Arrest Systems, Position Device Systems, Controlled Access Zones, Warning Line System, Safety Monitoring Systems, Fall Protection Pals and Protection from Falling Objects. Students will be provided with a handbook covering the above topics as well as a quiz at the end of each chapter demonstrating their level of awareness.  

First Aid / CPR / AED Use

As a person trained in first aid, you will join thousands of people who are trained each year to save lives.  In this 4-hour course you will learn: 

  • First Aid Basics
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Injury Emergencies
  • Adult CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use

Hazard Communication

This 2.5-hour awareness program is for ALL construction employees with emphasis on management and supervision responsibilities. Subjects covered will include: OSHA requirements, Definitions, Inventory Development, How to Obtain MSDSs, Training/Retraining Requirements, Custom Program Development, question and answer period and an instruction video and quiz. Sample programs will be available upon request.

How to do..."New Employee Safety Orientation"

This 6-hour awareness program will include all materials needed by a company to perform a brief but essential training session for all new employees prior to allowing them to enter job sites. Each participant will be given a Power Point presentation on disc that can be reviewed with new employees. Each participant will be given sample handbooks for the trainer and employee. Even a test will be provided, that can be given to new employees. This will help demonstrate that the company is serious about safety.

ABC Members that are on the Safety Committee agreed that this would be a valuable program for all members of ABC that are hiring new employees and need them on the job ASAP. This training will allow some time until the employee can be scheduled for more extensive training at a later time.

Please note: This course should never be used as the only safety training for your employees, but as a good starting point for further safety training.

Lock-out / Tag-out Awareness

This 3-hour awareness program will include the following: Introduction, Employee Training, Identifying Authorized Employees, Affected Employees and Need for Retraining, Evaluating When Lockout / Tagout Needs to be Applied, Lockout / Tagout Materials & Hardware, Procedures, Use of Tags, Removal of Lockout / Tagout Devices and Review of Seven Steps of Proper Procedures. In addition, examples will be discussed and quizzes will be administered.

Material Handling

This 6-hour awareness program focuses on the cost of employee material handling related injuries in the construction industry by trade. Primary and Secondary Risk Factors; Basic Causes and Controls; Per Job Planning; Typical On-Site Movement of Material, Equipment and Debris; Material Handling Techniques; Accident Investigation Procedures/Reporting Requirements; Employee Training; Managed Care Requirements; Plus Workshop Problem Solving Session.

OSHA for Construction Programs

OSHA 10-Hour for Construction Safety Course

This program is designed to train all construction employees on job safety. Requirements under OSHA standards and use of the OSHA Standard CFR Part 1926 handbook will be utilized. Areas of major concern are highlighted with the intent to reduce accidents at the site, saving time and money. A certified OSHA card will be given to each participant successfully completing this course.

Participants should bring a yellow highlighter to class. 

OSHA 30-Hour for Construction Safety Course

This program is geared toward Safety Officers and Supervisory Personnel responsible for safety in the company. Topics that will be covered are as follows: Introduction to the Standards, General Duty Clause & Recordkeeping; OSHA Inspections, Citations and Penalties; General Safety and Health Provisions; Hazard Communications; Personal Protective Protection; Fire Protection and Prevention; Material Handling; Welding and Cutting; Electrical; Scaffolding; Fall Protection; Confined Space; Excavations and Trenching, Steel Erection; Stairways and Ladders; Cranes. There will be a summary for the program. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your company’s safety program and receive a 30 Hour certification card.

**Participants should bring a yellow highlighter to class. 


Anyone that loses their OSHA 10 or 30 Hour Safety card(s) will have to attend a new program, if it has been more than THREE years since the course was attended. OSHA does not maintain records older than THREE years and will not issue replacement cards. Also, replacement cards will only be replaced ONCE during that 3 year time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

This 2-hour awareness program is for ALL construction employees with emphasis on management and supervision responsibilities. Subjects covered will include: What do you do before issuing personal protective equipment?; Hazard Assessment;Hierarchy of Controls; Selection of Personal Protective Equipment;Head-to-Toe Protection; Training; Implementing a PPE program.

Respiratory Protection

The 3-hour awareness program will include the following: Introduction, Respiratory Protection, Types and Uses of Respirators, User Requirements, Medical Evaluation, Fit Testing, Use and Maintenance, Air Purifying Respirators, Air Supplied Respirators, Summary and a quiz.

Scaffold Awareness for Field Employees

OSHA's scaffold safety standard requires that employees who perform work while on a scaffold must be trained to recognize the hazards associated with the type of scaffolding being used.  This also requires the student to understand the procedures to control or minimize those hazards.

This 6-hour awareness program is designed to review definitions such as scaffold users, competent person, qualified person plus safety requirements of each. Also, it includes basic hazards and controls associated with the type of scaffold(s) being used, plus training requirements. In addition, the program will include Fall Protection, Falling Object Protection and Tagging Procedures. A written quiz will be conducted to determine the attendee's comprehension of the information being presented. 

Signal Certification & Basic Rigging Safety
To comply with OSHA‘s Final Rule - Regulating Cranes & Derricks in Construction

All persons intending to signal cranes and any person that works near cranes. Signaling & “Tagging" Cranes should take this course.
The course will cover:

  • The correct way to give standard hand & voice signals
  • Review of basic crane operation
  • Basic Rigging Safety

Signal Certification will be presented the first 4 hours with ½ hour lunch break, then Basic Rigging Safety will be presented for the remaining time.

Each participant that attends this class must pass a test and then they will receive a certificate stating they have completed a course on Crane Signals and Basic Rigging Safety.

Steel Erection

This 3-hour awareness program will discuss topics such as: Controlled Decking Zones, Site - Specific Erection Plan, Fall Protection, Multiple Lift Rigging, Structural Steel Assembly, Column Anchorage, Beams & Columns, Open Web Steel Joists, Systems-Engineered Metal Buildings and Falling Object Protection. The program also includes many useful features for contractors such as: How to Set up a Site - Specific Erection Plan, Crane Inspection Check List, Guidelines for Making a Controlled Decking Zone and Evaluation quizzes.


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