How can you make training at the Gould Construction Institute any better?
Add a partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology.


“The road to success is always under construction.”

~ Author Unknown


GCI and WIT will help you pave the way!


Continuing with the Wentworth Institute of Technology partnership, the Gould Construction Institute developed and provides a Certificate Program in Construction Project Management.  In line with the very successful Introduction to Construction Management course, this is just another great milestone in Gould’s ongoing commitment to providing both training and continuing education for anyone who wants to climb the construction ladder, from the apprenticeship level to the very top of the company, continuing on your road to success.

During the Certificate in Construction Project Management program, four courses consisting of 21 hours each and one course consisting of 9 hours will be offered.  Students would be evaluated at the mid-point of each course and at the end to assess learning.  Students who successfully complete each course will receive a “P”.   Students who complete all five courses with a “P” will receive a Certificate in Construction Project Management and can submit this Certificate for up to 8 credits towards an Associate’s in Construction Management at Wentworth.



Introduction to Project Management - 7 weeks / 21 hours
Surveys major areas of project management: design processes, scheduling, financing, production, marketing and distribution. Organizations structures will also be discussed. Developing an action project will begin in this course.

Project Planning & Control – 7 weeks / 21 hours
Studies design and productions projects in their entirety. Costs, resource allocation, planning techniques and program, management styles and leadership methods are among the topics considered. Students will develop a preliminary plan for their action project as outcome of this course.

Project Team Management – 7 weeks / 21 hours
Surveys the many issues involved in creating and leading a project team. Topics will include group process, team leadership skills, barriers to teamwork, the particular nature of project teams and the importance of teamwork in project management. Students will consider the nature and types of teams required in their action project.

Project Risk Management & Evaluation – 7 weeks / 21 hours
Examines human, operational, project, financial. technical, procedural and legal risks. Students will identify, phrase, classify, evaluate and prioritize risk statements and situations. Additionally, plans and risk mitigation strategies will be considered; any data collected will be analyzed to develop an action plan. Assessments will be applied such as SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, PEST and Heuristic analysis and others.

Project Management Capstone – 3 weeks / 9 hours
Involves the application of learning to projects and/or issues currently at play within individual student’s industries and/or organizations. Actual projects currently being developed in student’s workplaces and be use, or students can create their own projects based on current trends and challenges within their industry or organizations.





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