Career Development

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Crew Leader (Basic Foreman Leadership Skills) 

The foreman plays a key role on the operation of a construction company. The foreman of the first line of management on the job and is responsible for supervising workers on an effective and efficient manner. Once a construction worker is promoted to foreman, the foreman then becomes involved with managing people.This 12-hour course provides the person who is considering becoming a foreman, with knowledge of the Basic Construction Leadership Skills. Course will include: Intro to Supervision; Effective Communication; Motivation; Problem Solving and Decision-Making; Cost Awareness; Control and Resource Control.

Field Engineering Programs

Field Engineering 1: Use of Level & Transit

This 15-hour course will cover important skills in jobsite planning and layout and will provide participants with the fundamentals of construction surveying. This course is designed for construction personnel who would like to increase their jobsite skills or for management personnel who may need a refresher course as they take on additional jobsite responsibilities. Topics to be covered include: Uses and Misuses of Transits and Levels; Fundamentals of Transits and Levels; Elevations and Benchmarks (Adding and Subtracting); Base Line Surveys for Construction; Reading Site Plans.

Field Engineering 2:
Prerequisite – Field Engineering 1. This 15-hour course is a continuation of Field Engineering 1. Topics to be covered: Instrument review; advanced calculations; math; geometry; building coordinates (traverse); reviewing foundations and steel. Field trips to job site will be included to obtain a better understanding of the engineering process.


Plan Reading Program

Plan Reading for Commercial Construction 
This 12-hour course is geared towards field employees who would like to expand their knowledge in the fundamentals of plan reading. This course will introduce students to types of Lines, Symbols, Abbreviations, Views, Elevations and the Title Block. A segment of the program will be devoted to use of the scale and hands on use of a basic set of commercial blueprints. It will cover the Design Construction Process and Understanding M.E.P.'s