GLTS field trip

Electrical Students at Greater Lawrence Technical School

On Wednesday March 1, 2017 at Greater Lawrence Tech in Andover, Mr. Eric DeMaio of the Yanow Companies came to the school for a special training session for Erico Cadweld.  The evening started with a presentation in the school performance art center where Eric explained the history of Erico ( Electric Railway Improvement Company) a company founded in 1903 to electrically bond the railroad tracks by welding jumpers between the rails for electrical continuity.  Over the decades the products expanded to provide an entire line with over 80 standard graphite molds for exothermic welding.   


 After a brief question and answer forum, we all proceeded outside the school where Eric set up 10 welding stations.  The approximately 80 students from the two first year, one second year, one third year and one fourth year classes broke up into groups and each student was to make two welded splices.  One splice done using the traditional weld metal and flammable powder and one splice using the newer “K” cup with the electric starter device.  The students got to weld a bottle or can opener to a piece of copper cable.  A souvenir!  All of the students who completed the training will receive a certification card.  

Class Souvenir!