Starting Your Own Business – Certificate Program

An online, at-your-own-pace course, powered by Penn Foster.

Course Commitment: $499.00 / 153 hours

Our Starting Your Own Business curriculum consists of lessons in owning and operating an online business, understanding contract work, marketing, managing time effectively, and more to help you succeed as a business owner.

Program Goal:

To provide students with the skills necessary to start an online business, obtain clients, and build their business by providing a strong background in business practices, independent contractors, and management skills.

  • Develop the skills necessary to start your own online business
  • Demonstrate proficiency with a variety of computer and web‐based business applications
  • Identify methods of individual and business marketing using the web and traditional means
  • Develop effective strategies for building and managing a successful freelance career
  • Discuss the elements, variables, and lifecycle of a contract and the roles and responsibilities of the signatories
  • Describe how to use online and traditional job search tools and resources to locate and secure work